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What is the Houston County VOAD?
The Houston County VOAD is an association of independent, voluntary organizations who want to make a real, lasting difference in this community during times of disaster.

Our mission to foster efficient, streamlined service delivery to people affected by disaster, while eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort, through cooperation in the four phases of disaster: preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.

For more information, or if you’d like to know more about getting involved, please email Gary Griffin at gary@hcvoad.org.

Serving Those in Need

from the Houston County EMA Facebook Page

HOUSTON COUNTY: This afternoon a three vehicle accident left traveling. Motorists stranded.

The accident left some out of town travelers. On Saturday afternoon there are no real places to rent a vehicle.

Houston County Sheriff Patrol Lt. James Ivey called several places attempting to locate a vehicle. Finally found HERTZ to be open at the Dothan Regional Airport.

Some of the travelers had been transported to the hospital from the scene by Pilcher Ambulance.

It was suggested to call Mount Enon Baptist Church, the nearest church, to see about getting a church van to transport the people on the scene to Dothan Regional Airport.

Rehobeth Fireman Michael Chaney called a member of the church. It was not long before the church member and his wife were on the scene picking up the stranded travelers to carry to the airport for a rental vehicle.

Dothan – Houston County Emergency Management, Rehobeth Fire and Hodgesville Fire loaded the belongings into a Dothan – Houston County EMA staff truck. EMA will meet at the hospital once they get the rental vehicle to transfer their belongings to the car.

This was a combined partnership – Houston County Sheriff Department, Rehobeth and Hodgesville Fire, Dothan – Houston County Emergency Management, and Mount Enon Baptist Church.


NOTE TO FAITH BASED COMMUNITY: A need in emergency services is a partnership – the faith based community inhaving someone on call with your church van or bus, coordinated with Dothan – Houston County Emregency Management which partnerships with all emergency services, to take care of travelers when sudden tragedy strikes.

IMAGINE yourself, traveling to Disney and in Lake City having a accident, knowing no one, your car is totaled, some family at the hospital, and all car rental places in the community closed.

Emergency Responders needing transportation from the scene to the hospital and/or auto rental place and/or a Patel until the auto rental place opens.

This is what the faith based community is about – serving those in need. What kind of ministry does that make for others in showing – Dothan – Houston County takes care of you!

MANY THANKS to Mount Enon Baptist Church for demonstrating the love of Christ today in meeting the needs of others. THANKS to Rehobeth and Hodgesville Fire, Houston County Sheriff Lt. James Ivey and Dothan – Houston County EMA in meeting the needs of others.